Louisbourg, NS, In Lloydminster, Sk/AB

Our story: Well, we trekked west for what seemed like years, dragging our belongings behind us, never stopping for rest, not knowing when our next meal was........

Sorry, wrong story, I'll find it here somewhere.....just a second. Oh yeah, that's how Lloydminster first started. Most of us took a plane here, only 5 hours; isn't modern technology great. Some did drive here from Louisbourg.  Usually driving takes 4 days on average.

And how did we find ourselves here? Well, it was kind of like that old game that kids once played, "Follow the Leader."   But...one guy came here, and the rest followed. You know, just like the exodus, though we can't figure out who the Moses of Lloyminster is yet. And it was unemployment and not the Egyptians that made us leave Louisbourg and Cape Breton.

So who are the dispossessed that have found their way up here from our little hamlet, well the list is kind of long......some have stayed, some have moved on, and some have gone back home. The pull of home is great, for everyone.



Those Still Here

Walter Hall. Seems that Walter was the first out here. Works with Cenalta Well Servicing, as an operator.

Glenn Hall. Works on the same rig at Cenalta with his brother Glen.

Jeff Magee. Roughneck with Cenalta Well Servicing.

Vernon Magee. Roughneck with Cenalta Well Servicing.

Sean Hunt. Works at Husky Oil.

Dave MacPherson. Now works with Performance Well Servicing. Roughneck with Performance Well Servicing, rig#2.

Lisa Fiander-MacPherson. Married Dave in Sept. of '98 and now works at a law firm  as a legal secretary.

Byron Fiander

Mickey Devito. Works with Frontier Well Servicing. Roughneck.

Jackie MacDonald

John Devito.

John MacDonald. Presently works with Frontier Well Servicing, and enjoys the work and living in Lloydminster.

John's Wife Marlene is here also.

Jackie Pennie

Michael Campbell. Roughneck with Frontier Well Servicing.

Terry Morash

Barty Kennedy. Roughneck with Frontier Well Servicing.

Basil Leahy. Roughneck with Wizard Well Servicing.

Davey Campbell.

Dave Evans

Allie Martell

Alan Zablaska

Those who have come and gone.

Wallace Barter.  Worked as roughneck and derrick man with Taurus, now Trimat well servicing.

Lori Burke. Worked at Liquidation World last summer. She now attends St. F. X. U.

Aaron Hunt is presently back in Louisbourg, and working on the offshore rigs.

Robert Magee was one of the first individuals here, coming out with Neil, Daniel, and Aaron  . A terrible accident happened to him on the oil service rigs, he's back in NS now.

Neil Mackeigan. He was one of the first . He now has a new baby with his girlfriend, Suzanne Ferguson, and are to married in July.  He was a derrick man with Performance Well Servicing rig#2. He now works at Michelin Tire in New Glasgow, having brought his future bride and baby with him.

Daniel Oakey.

Bill Fiander. Worked with Performance Well Servicing rig#2 as a roughneck, derrick man.

Shaun Bussey.

Robert Kennedy.

Pat Price

Kenny Zablaska

Elliot MacMillan

Michael MacMullin

Robert Levy

Benjie Mullins

Peter Mullins

Frankie Boone

Trevor Boone

Jon Lawrence

Gary Skinner

Shaun Leahy

Keith Campbell

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